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MIDWEST CITY, OK. The martial arts industry combats childhood obesity with Century’s, “Lil’ Dragon” program. Over eight hundred martial arts schools across America are catching kids early and teaching children from ages four to eight how to respect their bodies as well as their parents and teachers. They learn to kick out calories while learning important life skills such as stranger awareness, anti-drugs, health, nutrition, and exercise. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, “one in three children is overweight.” The Lil’ Dragon program addresses this issue head-on, (and stomach) by providing children a whole life approach to making choices that effect both their mental and physical health. The best part is no one sits on the bench. Everyone is included. Century’s Lil’ Dragons’ catches all kids early and helps them develop terrific life skills that will make them not only a better citizen but a healthier one as well. Century, LLC is the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of martial arts supplies and school curriculum. For more information please contact